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APR 8-foot Float 'n' Fly Rod

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This two-section special-tactics rod is custom-built on APR's fly rod blank for the perfect cold-water, presentation of lightweight "flies" (actually tiny jigs that simulate minnows). This cold-water, light-line technique originated on Cherokee Lake in East Tennessee and has proven its effectiveness across the country. Set your float-stopper for the depth at which fish are holding. Then, with ten feet of line out, swing your fly toward a deep bluff wall and allow the fly's weight to pull line through the float until it reaches the stopper. (Your lure can be set to sink to a depth that's about twice the length of your rod.) Keep a sharp eye on your little float, and drift it close up to the rock face, letting ripples and wavelets impart lifelike swimming action to the the lure. Use this rod not only for bass but for panfish and trout, too.

Quality components and materials result in a lightweight, perfectly-balanced, sensitive yet resilient rod that will handle any bass you encounter.

  • Length: 8' 0"
  • Power: Light
  • Action: Extra-slow
  • Recommended line weight: 2-6#
  • Recommended lure weight: 1/32- to 1/4-oz
  • Guides/Frame: Fuji Alconite/Black
  • Thread: Black/Red
  • Sections: 2
  • Grip: Full Cork
  • Reel seat: HAPS spinning
  • Specialty/Technique: Float 'n' Fly

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