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APX 5' 6" M Pistol Grip Casting Rod

  • 14000

Pistol-grip casting rods are the derringers of fishing rods, unbeatable for skipping lures back under docks and drip-lines, especially where one has limited elbow-room. A long butt helps brace a rod when pulling big bass out of cover, and having none in this configuration puts more stress on one's wrist; but we've caught plenty of 6-8 pound bass with these, and they get the job done. The grip may remind you of one you saw in a museum or Dad's garage, but the design, blank, guides and seat are a generation or two past those; this rod delivers the same performance and quality one can count on from all APX series rods.

Quality components and materials make this a lightweight, perfectly-balanced, sensitive yet powerful rod.

  • Length: 5' 6"
  • Power: Medium
  • Action: Moderate-slow
  • Recommended line weight: 6-12#
  • Recommended lure weight: 1/4- to 5/8-oz
  • Guides/Frame: Titanium/Smoke
  • Thread: Black
  • Grip: Cork
  • Reel seat: Fuji
  • Specialty/Technique: Jigs/Worms, Swimbaits, Shaky Heads

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