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APX 6' 10" MH Graphite Tennessee Handle Spinning Rod

  • 16500

Tennessee handle spinning rods are the pinnacle in adjustability, balance, and comfort. And the graphite handle on this style offers unsurpassable sensitivity as well. One day's use, and you'll be sold on this style of rod grip. With your reel spooled up, line threaded through the guides, and a typical-weight lure tied on, move the reel forward and back until you've achieved the perfect balance, and then secure it first with strips of fiberglass-reinforced packing tape followed by silicone "emergency" tape. When your plans for the day or season call for a change in lure size or presentation, reconfigure your rod by removing the old tape, repositioning, and re-taping the reel seat in minutes.

Quality components and materials throughout produce a lightweight, perfectly-balanced, sensitive yet powerful rod.

  • Length: 6' 10"
  • Power: Medium/Heavy
  • Action: Moderate
  • Weight:  4.3 oz
  • Recommended line weight: 8-17#
  • Recommended lure weight: 3/16- to 5/8-oz
  • Guides/Frame: Fuji Titanium/Smoke
  • Thread: Black
  • Grip: Graphite
  • Reel seat: Tennessee-style (tape-on)
  • Specialty/Technique: Small to medium crankbaits, topwater, tubes, spinnerbaits

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